“9 Secret steps to erecting your Energy Shield”

“9 Secret steps to erecting your Energy Shield”

©2011 Dr John La Tourrette

Here’s a simple energy shield for negative people.

1.  Do NOT face them head on. Your chakras absorb other people’s vibrations, and also gives out your vibrations.

2.  Do NOT face them with your left side. That side of the body absorbs other
people’s energies, whether you want it to or not.

3.  If sitting down, cross your ankles and have your right side towards them.

4.  And cross your arms over your solar plexus, the most vulnerable chakra in terms of fight, flight and freeze…

5.  And have your right palm resting on your spleen, with the fingers relaxed and spread over your spleen lymphatics…

6.  And have the finger tips of your left hand about 1″ up from the elbow joint
with the fingers on the triple warmer point…

7.  Breath in through the nose, hold…and out through the mouth…hold…

8. Go into Hakalau awareness so your parasympathetic nervous system is engaged (more peaceful)

9.  Depending on whether or not it’s important to you, take care of the
situation, or leave the situation

“5 tips on what to do

AFTER the Psychic Shield is done!”


> Doc –
> This is really good.
> Thanks!!!
> We don’t tend to get that many customers that are negative — that
> come in to our business.
> I’ll adapt this to phone customers — and see what works :)

Thank you for the compliments Helen.

For your telephone operators I’d do it differently because it’s different.

You sell a product that is very emotional for women…

So when they call it would be nice to have a “sensitive” lady (I’m sure you
already have this part) answer the telephone, who is familiar with women, their feelings, their “away-froms” unconscious behaviors…and their “towards”

unconscious behaviors.

So they need to fix their own energies first, especially the Front Bridge Flows,
the scrambles energies, etc.

Then zip those positive attributes into their field…

And tap those positive attributes into their field, especially if they’ve had
troubles with the spouse, the garbage collector, or their cat.

Which is a 3 step process:

1.        erase perturbations,

2.       add “chi” to what you want,

3.       Then anchor a negative feeling to a positive solution so that if negative stuff comes
up it automatically goes into the positive solutions.

Which is a 2 minute drill with the Ez Energy Method.

Then you can get that insider’s knowledge by just asking them, “what’s important to you about….”…then they will tell you.

“Well I hated my sister’s wedding because of X and Y and Z and I don’t want

Which is an away-from unconscious behavior.

There is much more than this but this is enough for now.

Have fun Helen.

Dr John La Tourrette

(Dr La Tourrette, Healing Energy Clinical Trainer, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Remote Viewing Trainer, BA in Education, MBA in Business Management, PhD in Sports Psychology,

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